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Aluminium Door Installations

Build your door your way

Composite doors to your exact and bespoke requirements 

Aluminium Door Installations

Khalsons Windows and Doors brings you the versatility of Alumina, available in an extensive range of powder-coated colours, making it truly customisable to your needs.

What sets Alumina apart, is the option of a stunning woodgrain or sleek flat foiled finish, allowing consumers to select a style that complements the windows of their property.

This ensures a perfect match for a complete finish in aluminium door installation.

Commercial Aluminium Doors

Commercial Aluminium Doors

Khalsons presents Shopline Doors, renowned for their superior security and durability, tailored for heavy-duty applications such as schools and hospitals.

These commercial aluminium doors are highly resistant to HAZ degradation, ensuring exceptional longevity.

Our range includes DDA and Document M compliant options, encompassing low thresholds and anti-finger trap sections to support accessibility for all.

Compliance with building regulations for clear openings is vital for both residential and commercial doors, ensuring seamless accessibility.

For further insights into these requirements, refer to Document M of the building regulations.

Khalsons is here to provide expert assistance and guidance, so feel free to reach out for additional advice.

Bi Folding Doors

Bi Folding Doors

Khalsons introduces Visofold Bi-Folding Doors, a versatile solution designed for residential and commercial environments.

These doors offer flexibility, serving as alternatives to sliding doors in homes or creating seamless indoor-outdoor transitions in conservatories.

Enjoy breathtaking views and connect with the outdoors, even in commercial spaces like bars and restaurants.

With a range of configuration options, you can choose to fold the sashes internally or externally, position the opening for single or double doors, and benefit from thermal efficiency with polyamide thermal break technology.

High-quality gaskets and weather brushes enhance weather resistance, meeting Building Regulations Document L 2010 standards.

Security is a priority with multi-point lock mechanisms.

Choose between low or rebated thresholds for access, and select from standard or non-standard colours for a customised finish.

Bi Folding Doors
Aluminium French Doors

French Door Installations

Khalsons presents a selection of elegant, durable, and high-performance double entrance doors available in various formats and sizes.

These doors are designed with adjustable hinges and lock keeps, providing additional clearance, ensuring a precise fit.

Our French doors feature advanced multi-point locking mechanisms, with dual lock mechanisms and handles on both sashes for enhanced security.

The hinges are engineered for added strength, delivering robust performance.

Whether you prefer open-in or open-out doors, our internally beaded design ensures both options are available.

Additionally, our French doors offer low thresholds, complying with Document M building legislation to ensure accessibility.

Patio Door Installations

Aluminium Patio Doors

Khalsons proudly presents Visoglide Plus, a system renowned for its contemporary design and robust performance, coupled with exceptional thermal efficiency.

This versatile system serves as an ideal choice for both large commercial sliding entrances and dynamic residential sliding doors, allowing abundant natural light and unobstructed views.

Our profiles are crafted to enhance strength and weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Key sections of the profile incorporate an extended polyamide thermal break, resulting in an impressive U Value of 1.6 W/m²K when paired with a suitable sealed unit.

Visoglide Plus doors offer flexibility with both single and dual-colour options, available in a wide range of standard and non-standard finishes.

You can choose between inline sliding or lift & slide configurations, with the added benefit of a slim interlock option.

These doors are complemented by colour-matched accessories and comply with British Standard Kite KM 530838 PAS 24:2012, assuring security and peace of mind for your patio.

Aluminium Patio Doors
Aluminium Entrance Doors

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Khalsons presents premium-quality aluminium Designer Doors that strike the perfect balance between security and style.

These doors cater to a wide range of preferences, from classic Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian designs to contemporary chic options.

Our Designer Doors offer a diverse selection of designs, colours, and styles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home.

Regardless of the design you choose, you can count on exceptional performance, thanks to high-quality locking mechanisms and precision construction, delivering unmatched strength and security.

The choice of glazing and door furniture plays a crucial role in defining your door’s overall appearance.

We provide an extensive selection to ensure the design perfectly complements your home.

To add the finishing touch, our comprehensive range of colours ensures you achieve the ideal aesthetic for your aluminium entrance doors.